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We're launching our first local chapter this spring to bring you the support, connection and spiritual sisterhood that will fuel your work, family and intimate relationships.

What Women Are Saying About Unlocking Their Inner Beauty:

My entire attitude has shifted making all of my relationships better including the one with myself. I don't say bad things to myself and if I catch myself doing so, I quickly remind myself of the truth. I had already changed my nutrition before joining the school and as a result of that lost some weight and am enjoying better health. My long term goal is to discontinue the use of so many prescription drugs.

Ann Marie Fleet

Syracuse, NY.

I wake up feeling a way I haven't felt in a really long time. Everyday can be a great day. It doesn't mean I won't have bad moments and lack some beauty sometimes, but hey I've learned! I have gained the tools for figuring out what it is that's triggers me to act in a way I may not want to be acting. The relationships I've built with people have changed. I talked to everyone, everywhere and feel like I am radiating and am finally using the universe to my advantage by emitting positive energy

Kristina C.

San Diego, CA.

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