Are You Ready To Become The Woman You Always Dreamed You Could Be?

What is The School of Inner Beauty?

The School of Inner Beauty is a women's program taught by transformational coaches who are experts in the areas of spirituality, psychology, health, communication, career, relationships, physical appearance and creative self-expression.

Unlike many online coaching programs and communities that rely on the expertise and perspective of one person, the School of Inner Beauty is a community of women for women!

We are here to support you in connecting to the beauty that is IN YOU that has been there all along, just begging to burst through the surface and shine its light on the whole wide world!

We offer a self-study program, live online programs twice a year, and a live event over Memorial Day weekend in San Diego, CA.

The Kind of Amazing Results
You Can Expect from Participating:

  • Become your most beautiful, authentic self!
  • Learn the skills to be the mom to your kids that you didn't get from your own mom.
  • Define and connect to your passion and unique purpose in the world.
  • Experience greater freedom and ease with yourself and others.
  • Feel comfortable being in your own skin.
  • Learn to love what you see when you look in the mirror.
  • Identify where your early relationships (especially parents) have limited your self-expression and perception of your beauty.
  • Learn to eat for fun and nourishment and release the need to emotionally eat.
  • Balance your hormones for maximum weight loss, energy, good moods and sex appeal.
  • Release judgement of your body and food.
  • Integrate daily practices that connect you to your feminine essence.
  • Dress to compliment your body, your personality and magnifying your beauty.
  • Learn natural beauty tips that keep you looking vibrant and alive!
  • Release the “hyper-masculine” and “little girl” behaviors that block you from BEING the woman you are.

The Digital Self-Study Program Delivers
You 18 Life-Changing Training Sessions:

Each Is 60-90 Minutes With A Short Assignment To Bring The Lesson Into Your Daily Life

($600 Value)

6 BONUS Training Videos with Homework Lessons:

We like to deliver our life-changing transformation with a heaping side of fun :)

($200 Value)

What do the Former Students Say to Women
Considering Joining The School of Inner Beauty?

Watch these quick 2-minute videos and discover why these woman chose to join the School Of Inner Beauty.   They'll share with you why they think it's the best decision you can make for your health, happiness, confidence, and your future.  :)

You Also Get Access To Our Exclusive Private
Community of Amazing Students, Teachers & Alumni:

Many woman say connecting with the other women is their favorite
part of the whole program. Checkout what they have to say:

($200 Value)

Consider Again What You'll Be Getting:

Lifetimes Access to Every Video, Homework Assignments and Private Community
(Comes with a 30 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee)

($1,100 Value)

  • 18 Life-Changing Training Sessions with Accompanying Homework ($600 value)
  • 6 BONUS Training Videos with Homework Lessons ($200 value)
  • Access To Our Exclusive Private Facebook Community ($200 value)
  • 30 + Hours of Group Coaching Call Recordings ($100 value)

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