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School O​​​​f Inner Beauty Austin Sistar Elite Membership

Yes Camille! I’m ready to discover my inner beauty and connect with other amazing Austin women on a similar journey of awakening. I understand I will receive a full year membership to SIB Austin (September 2019 - August 2020) with access to unlimited Soul Connection Circles, 9 free bonus summer circles and 6 bring-a-sister-passes for my favorite girlfriends by taking action right now.  I also get immediate lifetime access to the Foundations for Inner Beauty online library, a ticket to the Celebration of Sisterhood Event on Labor Day Weekend and to be a member of Camille's intimate Deepening Into the Feminine Book and Supper Club. I am ready and excited to be in this community and show up fully! 

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  • 12 month membership to all 3 monthly Soul Connection Circles ($1,080 value)
  • 12 month membership to all Sister Church Celebrations ($360 value)
  • 6 Bring-a-Sister-Free Passes ($180 value)
  • 6 Month Deepening Into The Feminine Book & Supper Club ($600 value)
  • 1 Day Celebration of Sisterhood Event ($200 value)
  • BONUS: Free Summertime Soul Connection Circles (up to 9 if purchase by 6/1: $270)  
  • BONUS: Foundations for Inner Beauty Online Program - Lifetime Access ($1,000 value)
  • $3,690
    You save $2,579!

Cristi Cuellar

As a healthcare practitioner, I spend my week helping people heal from injuries. Giving. Giving .Giving. I sometimes become exhausted being logical, analytical and always trying to stay "in control."

Connection with women softens my heart and mind into the receptive mode. It helps me get in touch with my emotions simply by sitting with other like minded women.

Sharing. Listening. Relating. Being.

Simply sitting in a circle and being heard can do wonders for the heart. Every time I leave these circles, my heart is filled, my mind is at ease and I feel ready to continue to give.

Taylor Lou Dixon

I walked into an event at The School of Inner Beauty, not really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to experience the intimate, magical experience that unfolded with brilliant leaders and so many soul sisters! This is the type of organization where you can SKIP THE SMALL TALK and get straight into REAL connection. This is exactly what I'm looking for in a community! I'm so glad that I attended this event, and II'm looking forward to getting WAY more involved.