Discovering Your Radiance

I have become obsessed with a body of work called The Gene Keys lately.

The man who created it, Richard Rudd, is a genius of our time. The way he synthesizes the knowledge and truth of Astrology, Human Design, the I Ching and all the rest of the spiritual truth all together and then shares a map for how to apply it to my own evolution is… beyond words really. These words reach into my soul.

I’ve been a student of spirituality, God, myself and inner workings for so many years. I’m┬ásure all of that helps me to navigate through this process. But for me, this stuff is the water my soul has been asking for.

And NOT because its an easy internal process. Its basically naming each of my shadows one by one, some that I was vaguely familiar with and some that are largely hidden from view, yet running my life.

Its great when the light is shown onto my ego. It makes it so that its much harder to keep up with the game, because now I KNOW that those slippery things were seen and named. Carry on with the pattern to my own detriment.

One of the things I saw during my plant journey a couple weeks ago is how powerful humility is. It is not a weakness, despite what the world teaches.

To have the humility to look at ones self without blinders on, and also not judge or hate the shadows and darkness they see, that is the test.

Whats also great about The Gene Keys is that as soon as the shadow of the key is revealed, its immediately followed by the highest gifts of that key. It is so simple, yet so profound and practical.

To learn to embrace, to accept all the parts of ourselves, to gain new freedom to change, to charge forth with our dreams, to serve and love ourselves and others in new ways, that is magic.

Tapping into Radiance

The 3rd sphere of The Activation Sequence is called Radiance, namely where we uniquely shut it down when living in the shadow aspect or turning it on when living in the gift of our unique key.

I so so so love looking at this sphere as Radiance as its the core behind the teachings of The School of Inner Beauty.


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