Sisterhood, Reimagined. 

Are you a woman's lifestyle coach or spiritual teacher looking to expand your reach in your local community while you build the tribe of sisters who will support your entrepreneurial journey? We're opening the doors to our 1 year flagship Austin program to 12 emerging women's leaders + 12 mentees now.

Women NEED close ties with one another in order to thrive. Period.

A 2006 breast cancer study found that women without close friends were four times as likely to die from the disease as women with 10 or more friends.

Since the 1980s, the percentage of American adults who say they’re lonely has doubled from 20 percent to 40 percent.

When women connect, we release oxytocin that calms our stress response and is the reason we live longer lives than men. Given that 90% of diseases have stress as a root cause, the implications for sisterhood on our health cannot be understated.

We are hardwired this way because we evolved in deeply nurturing and supportive tribes for most of history. Its only been in the recent times that we have become isolated in our big homes and pitted against one another and EVERYTHING has suffered: our ability to provide for ourselves financially, our ability to mother our children, our romantic relationships, and most importantly, our relationships with and perception of ourselves and one another.

Sisterhood in the most under-utilized superfood available and it's time to bring it to the masses. We can see the tides changing from competition to collaboration, and this niche is ripe for expansion with the right model and intention. Many believe, myself included, that sisterhood is the 3rd wave of feminism!

The School of Inner Beauty (SIB) is a women's personal development sisterhood facilitated by emerging female leaders and coaches in the areas of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

We have served over 200 women since 2014 mostly with online programs (with a 4 year hiatus on my part to become a mom and launch a paleo tv show, and are moving our focus in 2019 to building local chapters, starting with Austin, to give women the deep emotional sisterhood support and tools we need to thrive at work, at home and within our community.

Beyond the local chapters, we are creating a collaborative book, "Stories of Sisterhood", a collaborative "Inner Beauty" podcast and You Tube channel.

We know that a rising tide lifts all ships and that we will go further faster together.

We exist to change the paradigm for how women share life and do business together.

If you are a woman's health, lifestyle or spiritual coach (new or well-established), we may have a place for you to reach the Austin women's community with your life-changing work.

Just a Couple Ways SIB AUSTIN
Can Help You Grow 

Growing your solo-preneur business doesn't have to feel so isolating. Let's go further, faster, together (with a whole lot more fun and ease in the process).

Host Our Monthly Circle-Shop

Lead our monthly circle-shop (hybrid workshop / women's circle), pitch your services to guests, professional photos of you leading the group + mailing list of the women in attendance.

Sisters in Business Retreat

3 day all-inclusive Austin sisterhood, photoshoot & planning retreat with Camille, her delicious food and the other 11 teachers.

1 Year Membership to SIB Austin

Get sourced by your sisters at our monthly circle, members-only monthly birthday celebration and private Facebook group.

Social Media Love Blast!

All promotions focused on you 1 week prior to your local circle

The world need that special thing that only you have.” - Marie Forleo

Become a best-selling author

Participation in the “Stories of Sisterhood” collaborative book/audiobook + launch party. We've teamed up with Jyssica Schwartz (editor of Jolie Dawn's 3 best-selling collaborative books) to take you step-by-step through the process of writing our very own book that celebrates the women who have helped us become the amazing women we now are. 

ATX Women to Watch Feature in Austin Women's Magazine

2 page Group feature in Austin Women’s Magazine’s “ATX Women to Watch” (all 12 teachers + me) that promotes SIB and our local events. They reach 75,000+ Austin women a month! A solo directory listing is also available for an additional fee. 

What Others Say


Camille is a visionary with a heart of gold. The way she creates opportunities for women to connect is amazing. I loved every minute of speaking at her live event in 2014, co-hosting our luxury Maui retreat and teaching in SIB in 2018. 

Laura Swan

Women's Empowerment Coach


Camille has such a warm, giving, thoughtful, open spirit and I found it an absolute joy to be guided by her in her leadership coaching. She spotted shadows sides in me and held me accountable for things that needed to change. I highly recommend her!

Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Naturopathic Doctor


The School of Inner Beauty has been such a big contribution to my business and my development as a woman. I met teachers in her first program 6 years ago who I still collaborate and share deep friendship with. Wonderful investment in all areas. 

Katie McCarthy
Hypnotherapist & Business Coach

Camille Macres

...and I'm hopelessly devoted to sisterhood, women's empowerment and collaboration. 

Let's Connect!

and see if SIB AUSTIN is right for you and your business growth.

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